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    Tale As Old As Time! Once Upon A Time Parallels! 

  2. ➳Oliver & Felicity | The only person you can ever imagine yourself with 

    WATCH IN HD. Please don’t steal! Thank you!

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  3. lalalalala-lullaby:

    how did i not notice that amanda from ugly betty and quinn from how i met your mother were played by the same actress? same with the guy that played max on greek and kostas from sisterhood of the traveling pants. and the guy that was daniel meade from ugly betty and oliver from signed sealed delivered.


  4. ""You need to be in my bed." - Felicity Smoak (2.5 comics)"
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  5. arrow meme - favorite olicity moments [1/10]

    → i don’t want to be safe, i want to be with you

  6. arrow meme - favorite olicity moments [2/10]

    → he took the wrong woman

  7. Olicity + “It’s not your fault”

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    Daily reminder

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    New! Arrow: Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak (Olicity) vid: Because You Loved Me by NewViRe LoVe

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    Captain Amell sailing the Olicity ship ;)