1. Anonymous said: I dying at your tags for that ross gif Signed sealed delivered


    Summed up my feelings for that gif perfectly.

  2. sean-rogerson-fc:

    Sean Rogerson in the Signed Seald Delivered.

    season 1, episode 1.


  4. jeephanson:

    oh my god is that norman from signed sealed delivered????

    IT IS


  5. shslromanov said: signed sealed delivered au where everything is the same except norman and oliver have traded wardrobes



  6. moonlithighway-studio:

    »Bad-Ass Female Characters || do it like a DUDE« click to watch

    Part 1:Robin - Rebekah Mikaelson (TO),Emma Swan (OUAT),Caroline Forbes (TVD)
    Part 2:Katie - April Carver (Chasing Life), Laurel Lance (Arrow), Bianca Desousa (Degrassi)
    Part 3:Stephanie G - Cara Mason (the legend of the seeker), Rose Hathaway (VA) Elena Gilbert (TVD)
    Part 4:Alexandra: Katherine Pierce (TVD), Morgana Pendragon (Merlin), and Ruby (Supernatural)
    Part 5:Arisa - Tris (Divergent), Skye (agents of shield), Irene Adler (Sherlock)

  7. moonlithighway-studio:

    »MULTI-COUPLES || never let me go «

    Click to watch

    Part 1:Anna - Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)
    Part 2:Robin - Elijah & Hayley (The Originals)
    Part 3:Katie - Rachel and Ross (Friends)
    Part 4:Alexandra - Gwen&Arthur (BBC Merlin)
    Part 5:Arisa - Roy and Thea (Arrow)
    Part 6:Ella- Austin & Ally - Austin & Ally
    Part 7:Stephanie - Burgess & Ruzek (Chicago PD)
    Part 8:Madi - Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)Eli

  8. moonlithighway-studio:

    »multi-male characters || talk dirty«


  9. Arrow - Season 3 - 50th Episode - Stephen Amell Q&A [VIDEO]


  10. The release of doves and robins

    Heart melts when jasmine releases the doves reminds me of Robin :( no can’t cry already