1. What I will be watch this fall

    This fall yep sitcoms I will be watching for sure
    Selfie starting Karen Gillian aka doctor who’s Amy pond on abc sept 30 
    A to Z on nbc oct 2 starring ben fieldman aka Fred drop dead diva’s beloved angel


  2. My birthday wish list

    My birthday is 21 days away August 22nd
    For my birthday this is what I wish for
    To following videos for me

    1. A criminal minds/Harper’s island crossover- I would like to see a video of BAU trying to catch Henry Dunn from before Henry decides to kill abby but hotch and Emily save her just time :) neither of them getting killed but is with jimmy and Henry in prison.

    2. Someone other than me make a video for the hallmark show “signed sealed delivered” in all seriousness if you are good vidder and don’t have clips for will happy to send episodes for would any Oliver and Shane videohttp:/, Norman and Rita video or cast video,

    3. A Emily and hotch video to the song say something by great big world and Christina arguelia

    4. Daniel and betty video to the song

    5. Multi literary web series couples video to ever ever after by Carrie underwood. Couples for this video I want; Emma and Alex from Emma approved, Peter and Wendy from new adventures of Peter and wendy, Jane and Roschster from autobiography of Jane eyre and lastly Lizzy and Darcy from lizzie Bennett diaries.

    6. Someone other than me to a Grayson and Jane video to any song.

    7. Oliver/ Felicity and Sherlock/Molly parallel video to any song

    8. Emma/Hook and Kristoff/Anna parallel video to the song “dancing through life” from Broadway musical “wicked”

    9. Elsa and Edward Scissorshands crossover video to any song

    10. Benedict Cumberbatch video to the song “Talk Dirty to me” by Jason derulo or “problem” Arinda Garade

    If you like to fulfill any of my wishes please send me fanmail or ask me question or contact me through my youtube,” tvmoviesparks88” or RT or Direct message me on twitter :)

    You will be rewarded later in future if you fulfill any of these wishes


  3. Happy fifth anniversary drop dead diva


  4. My petition is recognize

  5. Click to watch a preview of my drop dead diva series tribute and either comment on the video or reblog your favorite drop dead diva scene those scenes make it into this video


  6. Reblog/Tell me your favorite ddd scenes

    I am working a series tribute for drop diva but I want you the fans to take part in this tribute
    Just tell me your favorite scenes from drop dead diva
    Those scenes just might be featured in the video I am making and will be posting a video soon

  7. Click to watch

    Read first

    This is for one my dearest friends on Youtube, she was the first one to welcome me in world vidding, if wasn’t for classic daniel and betty video I would have missed out on a great show and friend. 

    I got her to enjoy drop dead diva as much i as have :) too

    She is good friend and great vidder

    check her out 


    I hope she vids something new soon :)

    Charlie I hope you like this 

    Thank you for your friendship and  support

    All information is at the end


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  8. iamokaybymyself:

    so a lot of people are upset about drop dead diva’s ending. i kinda loved it.

    I love it the ending was as sweet as it can be I will love @DropDeadDiva unconditionally

    (Source: deprendreunepause)


  9. Saying goodbye to drop dead diva

    Tonight we say goodbye to drop dead diva
    I want to tell all of you followers why I love this show
    My favorite had to be season 2 even though I big Grayson and Jane fan this season was definitely a major stepping for them especially in the season 2 finale him running after and then getting hit by car seeing Deb’s soul in Jane. Anyways the writing was amazing the character development was music and so was the musical seasons

    My favorite scenes of each season.
    Season 1- Jane singing
    lucky to Grayson
    Season 2- the wedding dream Jane had about Grayson sequence
    Season 3- jane teaching how Grayson to dance
    Season 4- unchained melody scene gets crying every time and makes want to kill luke with fork and when smile at Grayson and Jane in pain and the almost kiss for grayson and Jane on road trip
    Season 5- the final moments in season five finale Jane’s mom’s death goodbye scene, grayson and Jane kissing and real Jane coming back revealing the truth
    Season 6- oh hard one some many but if I had to pick one season 6 episode 4 the ending scene Grayson and Jane kissing on the patio so romantic and of course telling each other I love you

    What I miss the most on drop dead diva the musician the fun laugher and tears

    What do I expect in tonight’s finale, everyone to be happy and absolutely no cliffhangers!

    I am happy to had this show in life as I made wonderful friends on Facebook, twitter and tumblr
    I keep the diva sprit alive through fanfics and videos :)


  10. p4radisiacal:


    Yes it is a Shame sad to see it go