1. Click to watch my latest Drop Dead Diva’s Grayson and Jane Video with the 6x04 kiss at the end 

  2. Script snippet of tomorrow’s drop dead diva big grayson and jane stuff going Down must watch

  3. dropdeaddivaqueen:

    Keep calm and watch drop dead diva tomorrow night Rt Reblog


  4. Drop dead diva music video based on season 6 premiere just click on link


  5. Missed the highlights of season 6 check out and join this forum as have highlight videos from all seasons of Drop Dead Diva posted here 


  6. dropdeaddivaqueen:

    Brand new Drop Dead Diva season 6 teaser major grayson and jane stuff omg this season is a must watch

    Share spread the word drop dead diva rocks and it’s back this weekend will you if undecided then watch this


  7. Drop dead diva on today show

    In 5 mins watch today as brooke Elliot will be on with maragraet cho

  8. Like the picture said spread the news need all viewers we can get


  9. Drop dead diva

    It is amazing to me after rewatching 5x13 it felt like watching it for the first time and I’m dying for next week as diva will back this Sunday 9PM on lifetime for two hours cannot wait